Competitive Intelligence


In Mr. Wat we pursue highest utility and objectivity of the results of the evaluations. A critical step within the project is the design of the survey or checklist with variables and attributes to be measured, in both mystery shopping and corporate audits.

We define the survey or checklist based on your needs, goals and concerns and also from our experience, we recommend variables of interest. The result is a fully adapted questionnaire to each of our clients.

Customised planning of each project
according to your needs

Examples of variables measured in mystery shopping programs and corporate audits are dimensions of quality of service, greeting and welcome, sales techniques, promotions, phone call treatment, external appearance, interior atmosphere, pricing information, cleanliness of facilities or comments about the company.

100% reliability of reporting system and analytics

The online system of reporting is secure, fast, simple and absolutely adaptable to customer needs. Each questionnaire is reviewed and must meet the quality standards established in the internal control of Mr. Wat. Within 48 hours each evaluation report is available.

Our goal is to obtain results clearly useful for making decisions, drawing conclusions and prioritize improvement actions.

The design offers numerous reports since the data can be displayed by groups of related variables, rankings of scores, or exceptional critical variables, shops or outlets, geographical areas, responsibilities or waves.

Evaluations available within 48 hours
Online access 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

The questionnaires and reports are available in PDF format, on paper or on an online platform accessible from anywhere with an Internet connection 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Since one of your goals is to know your performance against the competition in Mr. Wat we elaborate, from the inclusion of a minimum number of common variables in the questionnaires or checklist, an overall customer experience.

Your customer experience,
is it above or below the market average?

Thus, each organization can compare, privately, their results against Mr. Wat Index and check if the overall score obtained is above or below the market average.