Experiences that your customers will recommend


In Mr. Wat we provide our services in those sectors where there is concern about the customer experience with their services or products, which can be aimed at both final clients and B2B.

Among them we highlight our strength and experience in evaluating businesses and services in tourism and hospitality industries:


Hotels, travel agencies, golf courses, amusement complex, etc.


Airlines, buses, airports, car rental, cruises, etc.


Fast food, restaurants, concessions, cafeterias, etc.

We also have a special bond and dedication to those businesses related with health and beauty:


Dentists, pharmacy, opticians, physiotherapy, etc.


Beauty salons, spas, etc.

 In addition we have experience and ability to respond to the following sectors:

Phone call:

Call centers, technical services and assistance, customer service, etc.

Public services:

Municipal, provincial, regional or national.

Specialty shops:

Fashion, real estate, etc.

Financial services:

Banking or insurance offices.


Dealers, service stations, etc.


Telephone, computer, etc.

Malls, supermarkets, courier, logistics, etc.

We operate in these sectors, in all its segments of demand, which includes the luxury sector.

Within these segments in Mr. Wat we have the experience needed to achieve excellence and consistency sought by our clients.

Who do we recommend?

The mystery shopper program or corporate audits can be implemented in shops, points of sales or outlets from:

The own organisation (in property)


Public or government agencies

How far do we go?

In Mr. Wat we usually provide our services in Spain and Portugal. When required by the needs of our customers we travel around Europe, America and other destinations, or through partners selected according to our values and expertise.